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Welcome to Whole Health Dental Center!

Whole Health Dental Center is a general and family practice founded on a science-supported truth: the mouth is pivotal. Whole Health is natural health improvement from integrating mind and body with a Holistic Mouth.

A Holistic Mouth is a healthy mouth that supports heart, brain, and whole body health. If you are suffering pain, fatigue, overweight, and degenerative diseases, your mouth may be an overlooked source.

Helping patients turn back illness and turn on wellness with Holistic Mouth solutions, which is our mission at Whole Health Dental Center.

Holistic Mouth Solutions are treatments based on the science of Oral-Systemic Links connecting the mouth with the whole body

dr felix liao the holistic health doctor

Welcome from Dr. Felix Liao, The Holistic Health Doctor

The mouth is the gateway into the body. A healthy mouth is far more than a good dental checkup. A Holistic Mouth Doctor can help determine if a dysfunctional mouth is hurting your whole body health.

Our services include:

Holistic Mouth is the crux of whole body health for many patients. Can we help you bring on that natural energy surge to fuel growth, creativity, quality of life? Contact Us.

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