Your Brain Your Mouth

A Vital Oral-Systemic Link

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a long and sad goodbye to life due to brain degeneration. AD starts with memory loss, and it has no cure to date. Protecting your brain early is a smart choice and it starts with your mouth.

A new study shows periodontal inflammation may affect cognition (1). Recently, the DNA of HSV1 (the virus that causes cold sores) has been identified in the AD brain. (2)

Herpes simplex virus healer dr felix liao holistic mouth doctor virginia

Lip infection with the herpes simplex virus

HSV1 lives in the Trigeminal Nerve that supplies the mouth and teeth. HSV1 acts up when the immune system is down from stress, poor sleep, and bad diet. Science has shown HSV1 is also “a significant etiological factor in AD” (3) and “a bigger risk factor than the ‘Alzheimer gene’ with a hazard ratio of 2.55.” (4)

Alzheimer’s is a complex progressive disease in which inflammation plays a major role (5). President Reagan is known in part for his jelly beans and Alzheimer’s disease. A steady diet of sweets and refined carbs stoke inflammation. (5)

“Non-resolving inflammation is a major driver of disease.” (6) Other findings on AD include:

  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, are predictors of dementia (7)
  • Higher stress predicts worse cognitive performance, and correlates with rapid declines in cognitive test scores after 2 years (8)
  • Higher inflammation is associated with daytime sleepiness and night time wakefulness (9)

Brain cells run on blood sugar and oxygen. So it’s not surprising AD and sleep apnea overlap: Sleep apnea impairs attention, memory, and executive function. (10) Treating obstructive sleep apnea “seems to improve some cognitive functioning.” (11)

AD is exhausting to the surviving family emotionally and financially, and medications have been ineffective. You can reduce your brain inflammation and suppress HSV1 by eating right, exercise, and sleep without airway obstruction. That’s what a Holistic Mouth does.

Protect your brain while it still works with a holistic mouth evaluation, contact us today.

For Holistic Mouth Solutions to Your Brain Your Mouth, see Heart-Brain Protection By Mouth.

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