Holistic Mouth Doctor (HMD)

Is A Holistic Mouth Doctor Right For You?

This page provides great information that will help you decide if a Holistic Mouth Doctor (HMD) is right for you. If you decide you would like ask some questions, we are always available to you, so please contact us.

Your mouth can be a source of health and wellness, or pain and disease. A Holistic Mouth Doctor builds up your overall health with a healthy mouth.

A Holistic Mouth is a healthy mouth sensibly used to build whole body health. By contrast, a dysfunctional mouth has built-in problems that can undercut your health even before you use it. Sleep apnea and bite-related neck pains are two examples.

“Holistic” is rooted in the Greek idea of Holism, or Wholeness. Whole Health is Dr. Liao’s idea to bring the mouth back onto the health care map. Whole Health connects the mouth with the body and Nature’s laws for health.

The mouth is centrally located between the head and spine, above the gut and airway, and close to the brain. That’s why a dysfunctional mouth can undercut whole body health.

A mouth is not only teeth, but also the jaws, jaw joints, jaw muscles, the tongue, saliva, cheeks and lips, nerves and blood supply, and billions of bacteria for eating, swallowing, speech, smiling, relating, and more.

Is your mouth healthy? Is your mouth hurting your health? Is your mouth contributing to your pains and disease(s)? A Holistic Mouth Doctor, like Dr. Felix, is a dentist who can answer those questions based on the science of Oral-Systemic Links. He fills the gap between traditional medicine and dentistry by making your mouth work for natural health

Holistic Mouth Doctor is not an official degree, but a description of a doctor with knowledge and skills to identify and treat health troubles with mouth-body connections.

Many patients eat organic, exercise, get perfect dental checkups, and still feel miserable with head-neck pain, depression, and fatigue. These symptoms can and often go away naturally when bite misalignment and/or airway obstruction by the tongue are corrected.

A Holistic Mouth Doctor works to build your whole body health with a healthy mouth. Like Dr. Felix, they also work with health professionals of all types and specialties to reduce gut inflammation, restore nasal breathing, and realign head-bite-neck-spine.

A Holistic Mouth Doctor’s work can help the body heal naturally in some cases, and respond better to dental, medical and alternative care in others. A Holistic Mouth Doctor turns a dysfunctional mouth into a holistic mouth that meets these conditions.

  • Alignment of head-jaws-neck as natural pain treatment
  • Breathing without tongue blocking airway during sleep
  • Circulation without gum inflammation and jaw infections
  • Digestion without acid reflux, allergies, or obesity

A holistic mouth can be the difference between illness and wellness. Is your mouth helping or hurting your health? We can help by telling you your Holistic Mouth Score. Find out today!

If you have more questions about a Holistic Mouth Doctor, please check out our FAQs by clicking here.

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