Killer Diseases Enter By Mouth

How to Eat For Health & Wellness

The mouth is the tipping point between illness and wellness. There is a Chinese proverb that says, “Diseases enter by mouth.” That is true about America’s Leading Causes of Death (2008): heart disease, cancer, medications (correctly prescribed and used as directed), chronic lower lung disease, accidents, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes (1).

The mouth is involved in every one of them, either directly or indirectly.

killer diseases enter through the mouth dr felix liao holistic mouth doctor virginia

Do you enjoy your foods, or do you suffer when eating and drinking? Besides pleasure, there is a more basic purpose to eating and that is to provide your body with the ingredients it needs to make energy and stay health. You can control your health care cost and fate starting with what you eat and how you eat.

Eating fast, for example, is associated with insulin resistance (2), higher blood sugar and lower HDL (“good cholesterol”) in men (3) weight gain in middle-aged women (4).

We can say that what we put in our mouths is largely responsible for our runaway health care costs and associated federal deficit. As doctors of the mouth, dentists can help turn the tide by educating patients on the sensible use of the mouth to prevent and reverse said killer diseases. In Dr. Liao’s experience, new patients often report or show the following:

  • Stuffy nose is present is 80-90% of sleep apnea patients. This should be addressed before other areas of the throat (5)
  • Swollen tongue, a common sign of thyroid disorder (6)
  • Thyroid Disorders: hypo- (low), hyper- (high), Hashimoto’s (auto-immune) (7)
  • High blood pressure, heart disease (often on medications), which can easily be reversed with diet (8, 9)
  • Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea
  • Low libido, sexual dysfunction
  • Allergies, and a shrinking food list due to food sensitivity/intolerances (10)
  • Weight Gain

Eating is not meant to produce such results. What went wrong for them? A Holistic Mouth Doctor can recognize these mouth-body connections and refer the patient for appropriate medical, nutritional, and complimentary treatment before it’s too late.

I once asked a patient who is so into health that he has a radio talk show on every Sunday morning, “If you care so much about health, how come you have such a pot belly?” He smiled in embarrassment, “Well, it’s because nobody ever asked.”

Just as the mouth is the gateway into the body, a Holistic Mouth Doctor’s office can be a turning point toward natural Whole Health. Click to read How to Eat for Health and Wellness.

For Holistic Mouth Solutions to Killer Diseases Enter By Mouth, see How To Eat.


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