Oral Appliance: The Whole Health Way

oral appliance for sleep apnea snoring teeth grinding dr felix liao holistic mouth doctorIncluded here is a case study to explain how oral appliances are the whole health way to optimal health.

ASB is a 37 year old man with a medical diagnosis of sleep apnea and a history orthodontic (braces) treatment twice, the first time with 4 teeth extracted. His initial complaints were fatigue, daytime sleepiness, and erectile dysfunction.

In Dr. Liao’s opinion, his health problems stemmed from his mouth, not his teeth. Below is his progress summary for a period of 6 weeks after starting oral appliance therapy, in his own words.

“I have been having great results with my appliance.  Since I started wearing the appliance about 6 weeks ago, I have never felt better.

I don’t snore anymore and I wake up feeling more refreshed than I used to, and on fewer hours of sleep.  My sleep apnea that i was diagnosed with 1 year ago feels to have dissipated (1).  

I am able to work-out and run much longer with more intensity than usual.  My breathing is so much more comfortably as I can breath through my nose again (2).  

My bite feels aligned to where it should be because of the new bite provided by the appliance.  I am no longer grinding my teeth (3).

My DNA appliance helped me immensely.  Since I started wearing the appliance about 6 weeks ago, I have never felt better.

Going forward, I will concentrate on improving my diet and lifestyle. (4) I’m doing well in the exercise department but it’s not enough (5). I will start eating at regular intervals and not sporadically during the day (6). Being single in the last few years has been a challenge for me to eat proper at times (7).  However, I’ll be getting married in 6 months!”

Comments by Dr. Liao:

(1) The appliance helps his breathing by keeping his tongue out of the throat when he sleeps

(2) Credit the patient for his compliance to recommended diet change of avoiding dairy, wheat, and processed foods

(3) Teeth grinding is not just a teeth issue. It is a survival reflex prompting the body to do CPR on itself by thrusting the lower jaw forward and sideways to get the tongue out of the throat.

(4) Success comes from a patient’s self-motivation to work toward health.

(5) Whole Health = Mind + Body + Mouth + Nature. The appliance alone is not enough.

(6) ASB was introduced to the holistic mouth doctors point of view before starting the treatment. The appliance only jump-starts the process towards health by mouth. Individuals needs to do the rest.

(7) Taking responsibility for his own health is a sign of maturity. His bride is lucky!

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