Snoring: A Health Hazard

Snoring is an early warning of declining health, not just an annoyance to your sleep partner.

23% of married couples sleep apart. 1/3 of Americans do not get a good night’s sleep, and 51% of Americans admit
sleepiness interferes with work.

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Snoring is the mild end of a Sleep Breathing Disorder that includes Obstructive Sleep
Apnea (OSA). OSA leads to bankruptcy of whole body health by oxygen deficit night after night over years.

The snoring sound comes from vibration of the soft palate while sleeping with the mouth open. Snoring is the start of “downhill slide” in Mouth-Body Health. Click here to find out your Holistic Mouth Score and see if that “downhill slide” is closer than you think!

An Overview of Statistics:

  • Diabetes risk for part-time snorers is 1.48 X compared to non-snorers, and 2.25 X for regular snorers.
  • Left untreated, snoring can progress into Sleep Apnea in 10 years
  • Heart attack death is 2.5 X more likely with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) compared to those without OSA
  • Motor vehicle accidents are 15 X higher in moderate to severe OSA patients

Snoring rarely gets better on its own. Early recognition and treatment is the best prevention for sleep apnea. A Holistic Mouth Doctor can help.

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