Pottenger’s Cats: Nutritional Lessons For Your Children’s Dental-Facial Growth

Lessons From Pottenger’s Cats “If proper nutrition and exercise are absent when facial structures are developing, dentition always suffers. The kitten kept on a deficient diet for 10 months has an inadequate jaw with crowded, irregular and poorly aligned teeth.” Dr. Francis Pottenger, Jr., MD, author of Pottenger’s Cats Studies. (Pottenger’s Cats, Price-Pottenger Foundation, 1983) […]

Dental-Facial Data Bank Webinar (3/14/13)

Dental-Facial Data Bank Webinar (3/14/13) A child’s diet influences their dental facial-development. Cranio-dental structural alignment in turn affects systemic health in adult life. What is the Dental-Facial Data Bank (DFDB)? It is a new central library founded by Felix Liao, DDS to gather digital dental-facial data of children ages 7, 12, and 17 for longitudinal […]

Oral Appliance Therapy Webinar

Oral Appliances Therapy (OAT) is a powerful oral-systemic asset. Dental Professionals join us to discover how to: Turn your dental chair into a source of wellness solutions Grow a new practice within your current patient base Enjoy becoming a Oral-Systemic orthopedist The webinar discusses OAT’s effect on these common problems: Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching […]

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