Whole Health

Do you have on-going pain, fatigue, and persistent illness? Can your mouth be an overlooked but key factor?

Whole Health connects the mouth with the body and Natureʼs laws for life. Whole Health is a new model of integrative health coined by holistic dentist Dr. Felix Liao. Whole Health is all parts of the body working together. By including the mouth as a source, Whole Health is effective for reversing pain and building wellness. Please read what our patients have to say.

A healthy mouth and healthier use of the mouth is a natural solution for chronic pain and modern diseases. For example,
headaches and jaw pains go away when gluten-sensitive patients stop eating wheat. A holistic mouth helps to build Whole Health. Conversely, a dysfunctional mouth can hurt the whole body when:

  • The jaws are too small to house the tongue, which then is forced into your airway like a 6 foot tiger in a 3 foot cage during sleep
  • A bad bite perpetuates pain in the head, neck, and back
  • The gums are red and harboring germs that can infect the heart and brain
  • The jaws are under-developed from poor nutrition, genetics, or mouth breathing
  • Killer diseases enter by mouth through over-eating, sugar addiction, or just too much of too many “good things”
  • Alzheimer’s Disease is linked to the Herpes Virus, Sleep Apnea, and diet

A holistic mouth can restore and retain Whole Health naturally. Just as the mouth is the gateway into the body, so a Holistic Mouth Doctorʼs office is an entrance into the new frontier of Whole Health.

If you are interested in Whole Health for your body, contact us for a Holistic Mouth evaluation.

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