Whole Health Periodontal Treatment

The Principle:

Diag-1-Periodontal Disease Treatment dr felix liao whole health dental center virginia

Bacteria breaching gum line can reach your heart by circulation. This diagram was modified from slide by John C. Comisi, DMD.

Whole Health = Healthy Gums + Mouth + Lifestyle Hygiene

Lifestyle hygiene is as important as impeccable oral hygiene for Whole Health. That means no smoking, exercise, eating right, and reducing stress. Avoid sugar and refined carbs, and get a good night sleep to give your immune system the best shot at the bad bacteria.

The Old Problem

Do your gums bleed when you brush, floss? Think it does not matter? It does to your heart. See more from Your Heart and Your Mouth.

Busy people just don’t have all day to fuss over brushing and flossing. That’s why 90% of Americans ages 55 – 64 have periodontal disease, and two out of three Americans ages 35 – 44 have periodontal disease (1).

Peri- means around, -odontal means teeth. Periodontal disease is the biggest reason of teeth falling out. Along the way, the whole body suffers its contribution to inflammation and atherosclerosis.

The Local Cause

Diagram 2 periodontal disease healing dr felix liao whole health dental center virginia

Biofilm is the threat from mouth to heart.

Biofilm is a beehive of bacteria that starts out with film of saliva and resident oral bacteria attached to teeth surface below gum line.

Under stress, dehydration, bad diet, and inadequate oral hygiene, bad bacteria can multiply and start a fire of inflammation under your gums. When inflammation breaches the thin line separating the mouth and the body’s vascular tree, bleeding points become pumping stations for spreading periodontal infection all over the body.

New Solution

PerioProtect is a FDA approved medical device made by certified dentists to treat periodontal disease at home with in-office care. Custom-fitted PerioTrays have a seal that drives peroxide and other anti-bacterials under the gums to breakup biofilms. 99.97% of pathogens are gone in 17 days (2).
Diagram 3 periodontal disease perio protect method dr felix liao whole health dental center virginia
PerioProtect breaks up biofilm left behind by brushing and flossing is not effective. Patients report less bleeding and easier dental cleanings, fresher breath, and feeling better with more energy after wearing a trays 2-3 times for 15 minutes each. “Side effects” include whiter teeth and fewer cavities.

“My name is A.S., and I live in Falls Church. When I came to Dr. Liao, my gums were in poor shape. Periodontal disease runs in my family and I was told my last dentist that I would have to have deep-root cleaning and would likely have to wear dentures in the future. Dr. Liao presented a much less invasive approach to healing my gums. He suggested Perio Protect trays with hydrogen peroxide gel, which I would apply twice a day for 15 minutes per application. The procedure is simple and painless and has become a part of my daily dental hygiene routine. After two months of Perio Protect, my gums are much healthier. The redness, puffiness, and itchiness have gone away, and they are now pale pink and much tighter. Before using Perio Protect, my pockets measured between 3 and 5, with many 4s and 5s. Now, they measure between 1 and 4, with only a couple 4s and many 1s and 2s. Before using Perio Protect I had 86 bleeding points. Now I have 2. As bonus benefits, my teeth are also much whiter. I’m thrilled with the results of Perio Protect!”


Prevention is the key to controlling gum disease and heart disease. The battle line is under the gums. PerioProtect is a simple and proven home care method to improve gum health and reduce inflammation for everyone.

(1) World Health Organization, 2003
(2) www.PerioProtect.com

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