Your Secret To Aging Well: See An Airway Mouth Doctor

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You’re not only what you eat. You’re also how you breathe and sleep. The following conditions share a common root cause that’s been vastly overlooked:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Chronic fatigue and brain fog.
  • Pot belly, double chin, and overweight.
  • Prone to colds, flus, and infections.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Aches and pains in the head, jaws, neck, and/or back.

hierarchy of survival diagram

“Disease starts in the mouth,” says an ancient Chinese proverb. This applies just as aptly to modern Americans – not only your mouth usage in eating but also your mouth structure in airway and sleep. The mouth’s many and pivotal roles are well illustrated in the image above.

Crucial as the mouth is to whole body health, do you have a mouth doctor? Have you been to a hospital with a mouth department? If you want to age well, you need an Airway Mouth Doctor – a dentist who is trained to look after your sleep and airway.

In his first book, Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage, Dr. Felix explains how undersized jaws plus an oversized tongue create a host of medical, dental, brain, and mood symptoms. In short, when the jaws are undersized or the tongue is too swollen from obesity and/or low thyroid, the tongue becomes an oversized tiger obstructing the airway and threatening life.

This is a mouth that contributes to oxygen debt and nightly confrontation with death. Since your brain and heart run on oxygen, high blood pressure and brain fog are inevitable outcomes of an undiagnosed six-foot tiger in a three-foot cage.

Imagine waterboarding by your own tongue! Instead of sleeping in peace, your body fights to stay alive. You wake up tired. You stress-eat to keep going. Your body gains weight and battles chronic inflammation and lower immunity – all because of poor sleep.

While forcing the airway open via a CPAP mask is a rescue remedy, most patients reject it. More, it does not address the root cause.

Today, there is a new breed of dentists who are trained to provide a painless solution that works while you sleep, so long as you have enough natural, healthy teeth. These Airway Mouth Doctors (AMDs) can

  • Assess your dental conditions and jaw deficiencies, seeing what’s off, where, and by how much.
  • Design a custom appliance to gently redevelop your jaws, thereby widening your airway to improve sleep so you have more energy.
  • Team up with your sleep doctor, internist, chiropractor, naturopath, physical therapist, acupuncturist, or other healer regarding oral contributions to medical, dental, mental, and mood symptoms.

In addition to upgrading your sleep, an AMD can also offer proactive solutions for teeth grinding and jaw clenching; clicking, popping, locking, or painful jaw joints; headaches; neck, shoulder, back, hand, and knee pain; snoring, sleep apnea, and CPAP intolerance.

killer diseases graphic

Imagine waking up refreshed from the previous day’s wear and tear, and having enough energy to feel like being on top of the world. Your best assurance to aging well is to make your mouth structurally fit to support your whole-body health — that’s what an AMD does.

For more information, read Dr. Felix’s newest book, Licensed To Thrive: A Mouth Owner’s GPS to Vibrant Health and Innate Immunity. For a consultation with Dr. Felix in-office or online, just call 703-385-6425 and leave a message or text 571-355-3394

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