Dental Care with Your Whole Health in Mind

Many people suffer years of disease without realizing that the trouble begins with their mouth – specifically, with undersized jaws and a pinched airway. This Impaired Mouth structure meant years of aches, pain, and fatigue; a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health problems; seldom a good night’s sleep.

An Impaired Mouth lets you get just enough oxygen to survive but never enough to thrive.

At Whole Health Dental Center, our sole focus is on transforming Impaired Mouths into Holistic Mouths so our patients of all ages can feel and look their best, and become their very best selves.

What Is the Whole Health Approach?

Whole Health connects the mouth with the body according to Nature’s laws for health. Developed by Dr. Felix Liao, it is a new model of integrative health, harmonizing the form and function of all parts of the body, including the mouth.

Once we identify structural impairments in the mouth, we can often correct them through a combination of appliance therapy, myofunctional therapy, nutritional therapy, and other treatments from like-minded Whole Health professionals. Headaches, pain, and fatigue go away. Energy and engagement with life return.

Transforming an Impaired Mouth into a Holistic Mouth can restore and sustain Whole Health naturally. It starts with redeveloping the airway so the body can get what needs to start getting well.

Just as the mouth is the gateway to the body, an Airway-centered Mouth Doctor’s office is the entrance to a new frontier in dental medicine and the start of better optimal health..

Why You Need an Airway-Centered Mouth Doctor (AMD)

All dentists understand how to fix problems like cavities, treat gum disease, and so on. But only an Airway-Centered Mouth Doctor understands the relationship between mouth structure and whole body health – how a pinched airway can mean the difference between a vibrant, active life and one hampered by aches, pains, fatigue, chronic illness, and one dental problem after another.
If you’ve been slowed down by chronic health problems that have seemed impervious to treatment; if you grind your teeth in your sleep; if you have sleep apnea; it’s quite likely that your mouth’s structure may be a contributing factor.

An Airway-Centered Mouth Doctor like Dr. Felix Liao can tell you if that is indeed the case and – most importantly – address any structural impairments and refer you to appropriate health professionals as part of your overall wellness plan.

Meet Dr. Felix Liao

Founding Airway-Centered Mouth Doctor

Dr. Felix Liao is a long-time general dentist, author of four books, and health innovator who developed the Whole Health approach out of a need to better serve his patients – patients who had not been well served by the traditional divide between dentistry and medicine. His investigations led him to discover the central role that the airway plays in oral and overall health. And as he transformed himself from a tooth-centered dentist into an Airway-Centered Mouth Doctor, he found his patients reporting better outcomes, as well.

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