Holistic Mouth FAQ
Answers to the most common questions about what Airway-centered Mouth Doctors (AMDs) do, how this differs from regular dentistry, how they fit into the big picture of healthcare, and the difference it can make to you and your family’s health.

What is an Airway-centered Mouth Doctor?

An Airway-centered Mouth Doctor – AMD, for short – is a dentist who builds up your overall health by helping you develop a Holistic Mouth.

A Holistic Mouth is a healthy mouth, and a healthy mouth builds natural health. Above all, it has the correct structure to support the ABCDES of good health: Alignment, Breathing, Circulation, Digestion, Energy, and Sleep.

When these are disrupted, the cause can often be traced back to a structurally impaired mouth – underdeveloped jaws and a pinched airway. An AMD knows how to correct those, thus bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry.

That said, “AMD” indicates neither a degree or currently recognized dental specialty. Rather, it describes a dentist who has been trained in Dr. Felix’s Whole Health approach and has the knowledge and skill to transform an Impaired Mouth into a Holistic Mouth and source of natural health.

Why would I need an Airway-centered Mouth Doctor?

Only an AMD can help you determine if your mouth’s structure is hurting your health. Many medical conditions can be caused or affected by dental conditions. Similarly, many dental symptoms can have origins far beyond the mouth.

In some cases, an AMD can help your body heal naturally. In others, the changes they bring about can help you respond better to dental, medical, or alternative treatments.

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If I have an Airway-centered Mouth Doctor, do I still need a dentist?

Yes. A dentist works on teeth. An AMD works on making your mouth support your whole body health. Science has repeatedly linked the mouth with a wide range of medical issues, including head/neck/back pain, sleep apnea, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and more. When such conditions are present, the mouth should be investigated as a possible source of the troubles.

If Dr. Felix is an Airway-centered Mouth Doctor, is he still a dentist?

Yes, Dr. Felix is both a general dentist and an AMD. This means he can be both to you and your family.

How do dentists and Airway-centered Mouth Doctors work together - or do they?

They should work with dentists. For one, collaboration can help prevent complications from dental treatment, such as root canals, bruxing (grinding), cracked teeth, and persistent sensitivity after dental work.

An AMD works on the mouth’s contribution to a patient’s burden of stress and inflammation, which is good basic preparation for restorative dentistry – as important as soft tissue management. An AMD’s work makes both mouth and body respond better to dental care.

On the flipside, dentists can refer to an AMD to address issues such as bite alignment, sleep breathing disorders such as apnea, perio-cardio risk, and digestion-related inflammation. The patient will still see their dentist for cleanings and any necessary restorative or prosthodontic work.

Does an Airway-centered Mouth Doctor take the place of my physician?

No, an AMD does NOT replace your physician, naturopath, chiropractor, osteopath, or acupuncturist. But a holistic medical practitioner will recognize the importance of a healthy mouth to overall health and wellness. Consequently, they may refer you to an AMD for things like bite correction for pain management, controlling gum disease as a source of inflammation, or oral appliance therapy as an alternative to CPAP for sleep apnea.

The AMD’s work, in turn, can make your body respond faster and more completely to the medical care you receive from others.

Do Airway-centered Mouth Doctors work with kids?

Yes, AMDs like Dr. Felix welcome working with children. Because a Holistic Mouth is the foundation of whole body health, he even created a whole program for them: Whole Health Kids

At what age should I start bringing my children to an Airway-centered Mouth Doctor?

Dr. Felix’s Whole Health Kids program suggests having an evaluation for head, jaw, and neck alignment by the age of 5 – earlier if any of these problems arise: tongue-tie/breastfeeding issues, mouth breathing, snoring, fatigue, daytime yawning, hyperactivity, allergies, bruxing (grinding), or frequent ear/nose/throat infections.

How will an Airway-centered Mouth Doctor make a difference in the lives of myself and my family?

You can think of AMDs like Dr. Felix as a family health resource, helping you avoid the stresses of constant headaches, neck/back pain, fatigue, depression, daytime sleepiness, moodiness, and more by turning Impaired Mouths into Holistic ones.

A Holistic Mouth paves the way for natural healing, more energy, and greater productivity and creativity. It can mean looking and feeling better, with less dependence on doctors, lower lifetime healthcare costs, more years added to your life – and more life added to your years.

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