Meet Dr. Felix Liao

Connecting your Mouth with Your Total Health

Dr. Felix Liao is an AMD who, when not serving his patients’ needs, teaches his Whole Health approach to other dentists around the world. “Dr. Felix,” as many of his patients know him, earned his DDS from Case University of Dental Medicine, and today holds Masterships with both the Academy of General Dentistry and the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM). He is board certified by the American Board of General Dentistry.

As an AMD, Dr. Felix focuses on the oral contributions to medical, dental, mental, and mood symptoms. He blends the best that modern clinical dentistry and technology have to offer with physiological approaches (how the body works) to wellness and old-fashioned TLC, treating both adults and children at his Whole Health Dental Center in Falls Church, VA.

When not seeing patients, Dr. Felix trains other dentists to become AMDs – dentists who understand the importance of airway and alignment in whole body health and how to correct the deficient jaw structure that contributes to airway problems, chronic pain and the numerous ills they can fuel.

He is also an acclaimed speaker, having presented to the IABDM, IAOMT, the International College of Integrative Medicine, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the Weston A. Price Foundation, the Holistic Moms’ Network, and the Take Back Your Health Conference, among others.

Dr. Felix is the author of three highly regarded books on mouth/body health – books he recommends that all new and prospective patients read: Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage; Early Sirens; and Licensed to Thrive. His fourth book, Impaired Mouth Syndrome: CSI, will be published in spring 2022.

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