Fix Mouth Breathing with Buteyko Breathing

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dr felix liao breathing rightGot chapped lips, dry mouth, inflamed gum, bloating, snoring, bad breath, anxiety, and/or sleep apnea? Habitual Mouth Breathing (HMB) may be the culprit, and Buteyko Breathing can help.

HMB is an unhealthy habit with many oral-systemic side effects. In children, HMB can lead to undesirable cranio-facial changes, narrowed jaws, crowded teeth, long face, weak chin, attention deficits, poorer school and athletic performances, and relapse after braces.

Adults can have HMB as an unconscious habit day and night. Snoring is mouth breathing during sleep, with 2 – 8 X stroke risks (1, 2). HMB results in overdose (OD) of air, which is a burden to the body, just like OD of food, alcohol, and chocolate.
dr felix liao healthy breathing
The good news: you can fix HMB yourself by doing the exercises from Buteyko Breathing, a 5-session seminar over 4 weeks. This training will focus on Control Pause (CP) as a marker of breathing efficiency. When your CP improves, many symptoms go away naturally, including:

Anxiety, depression, fatigue, racing mind, racing mind
Snoring, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, stuffy/runny nose,
Chronic aches & pains, TMJ Dysfunctions, abnormal swallow and breathing patterns.

dr felix liao healthy breathing

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