The Number One Nutrient

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Are you getting enough oxygen?

“80% of all chronic illnesses originate between the scalp and the shoulder girdle.”
– Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, Founder & Director of American Academy of Neural Therapy

number one nutrient
“I eat healthy and take supplements every day, but I am still tired.” Waking up tired and teeth grinding are red flags. A much neglected factor imay be oxygen deficit during sleep.

Your body can go for days without water, weeks without food, but only 3 minutes without oxygen before brain damage sets in. Health, healing, and longevity requires energy, which is derived from nutrients in the presence of oxygen.

Imagine having a $800 income for $1,000 of bills night after night. Anxiety and panic what the body feels when the tongue blocks the airway like a 6 foot tiger in a 3 foot cage formed by narrow, receded, and/or over-closed jaws.

Oral appliances are worn during sleep to help open the airway by keeping the tongue from blocking the airway. Holistic psychiatrists are referring patients with mood disorders to dentists for oral appliance therapy in favor of medications.

“All children should be screened for snoring and sleep apnea” says the American Academy of Pediatrics (1). High blood pressure can drop 13/8 with oral appliance therapy in 4 weeks (2). 50% of caridology patients have Obstrustive Sleep Apnea (3), and heaert disease heads a long list of health troubles stemming from sleep apnea (4).

Is your mouth hurting your health? A holistic mouth is one that works for your whole body health, whereas a dysfunctional mouth works against health. Circle each symptom that you have now and add up your Holistic Mouth Score:

  • Headache, jaw pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, clicking jaw joints
  • Snoring, interrupted sleep, insomnia, kicking bed partner, tired upon waking
  • Medically diagnosed sleep apnea, using a C-PAP machine
  • Depression, anxiety, loss of motivation, “wacky” hormones, loss of libido
  • Diabetes, overweight, acid reflux, bloating, constipation, irritable bowel
  • Stuffy nose, allergies, scratchy or itchy throat, frequent colds and sinusitis
  • Fatigue, daytime sleepiness affecting work, resistant high blood pressure
  • Other medical-dental symptoms that persist despite seeing doctors

These symptoms can mean oxygen deficit during sleep. Oxygen deficit is a frequently overlooked cause of chronic pain and illness, early aging, and bad medical fate.

To start a dialogue on making your mouth holistically healthy, contact us to schedule a free Holistic Mouth Screening.


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