Delayed Tooth Eruption Case

“I want braces, and I want them NOW!” – M.C. 6 1/2 years old, Whole Health Kids Patient

dr felix liao patient whole health dental center

Meet MC! She’s 6 1/2 years old.

MC was 6 1/2 years old, and had been pestering her mom for nearly a year. She was becoming so self-conscious that “she was too shy to smile”, according to her mom. Mrs. C did her research and came in for a consultation.

MC’s hand was ice cold when I shook it in my customary greeting of new patients. Iodine deficiency crossed my mind.

Her dental examination showed:

    dr felix liao patient

    October, 2012: first visit
    Notice the oversized frenum from inside upper lip to gums.

  • Left adult central incisor was fully erupted
  • Right baby central incisor not at all loose
  • Right adult central incisor was located near her nasal base
  • Partially stuffy nose with mouth breathing
  • Tonsils and adenoids were enlarged
  • Abnormal swallowing

My recommendations:

  • See doctor for iodine testing
  • Increase dietary iodine intake: sea food, marine vegetables, Dulce flakes, bone broth
  • Dress warm and avoid ice water, esp. with meals
  • Check back in 6 months for baby front tooth to loosen
dr felix liao patient whole health kids

August, 2013: Baby tooth had been removed. Laser was used to uncover adult tooth.

“When can I have my braces?!!” – M.C.

MC came in 6 months later and we agreed to:

  • Remove the stuck baby incisor to help her adult central
  • Release her upper frenum (thick cord anchoring upper lip to upper gums)
  • Continue dietary program recommended earlier


Happy Endings

“My new tooth is coming in!!” – M.C.

MC came back 8 months later to show me before she moved to Switzerland that her right central incisor was peaking through her gums.

Mom’s Comments

My daughter immediately connected with Dr. Liao on the first office visit. I felt he took me seriously, in regard to nutrition, which I found to be important and was relieved to hear and see how well my daughter responded to Dr. Liao’s treatment. Not just of her teeth but of her as a person.

In fact this positive relationship made it possible to get her to agree to treatment.

My daughter is much more confident and smiles freely and all the time now! Even through the new tooth is still somewhat crooked and not all the way out. – Mrs. C.

dr felix liao whole health kids patient

Above Left and upper right: March, 2014: Below Right: June, 2014 – Happy Smiles!

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