What Our Patients Say

Please take a moment and read what our patients have to say about Dr. Liao and Whole Health Dental Center.

girl“I told my mom this was the best dental experience I ever had.”

“My name is Olivia. I am ten and a half years old. I have always been afraid of going to the dentists. When the orthodontist told me I had to have one of my back tooth pulled, I was very nervous. Luckily my mom found Dr. Liao. He was really nice. He let me wear blue glasses and they made me much more relaxed. I was very comfortable and didn’t feel much during the whole thing. I told my mom this was the best dental experience I ever had.”

“Low Back Pain Gone After Oral Appliance Therapy.”

Meet Rachel, she’s 9 years old and loves not yawning all the time anymore!

Meet Theresa – a mother of 5 children who can now keep up with them! 🙂

Marie Talks Appliance Therapy – no more neck tension!

Meet Dr. Evone – She’s a Chiropractic Doctor and wears an oral DNA Appliance

Meet John – He doesn’t have anymore chronic pain!

whole health kids dental facial development
My previous headaches were from a 3-4.
Now since I have been working with you they have been from a 0-1.
Thank you for helping me and my family!

Huge boost to my productivity level…

“After 9 years and 35 clinics in the US and Europe, it was Dr. Felix Liao who solved my crippling rib cage pain with his bite treatment in ONE MINUTE, thereby changing my whole outlook on life and making a huge boost to my level of productivity as a CEO.

-MP, Minneapolis, MN

No more pills…

“ I have not had to take pills for headache since starting bite correction therapy”

-BR, Alexandria, VA

I stand taller…

“When I wear the appliance I feel my thoracic and cervical spine become more erect and I stand taller. My feet also align correctly, automatically. Although I do not bite down on the appliance when I wear it, I do feel that it provides support similar to that of a horse’s bit. This is a support structure which enables my tongue to press against it, therefore, creating the above mentioned affects. I miss it when I do not wear it.”

-SC, Westford, CT

Dr. Liao restored my faith that there are medical and dental healers…

“After almost four years that began with a dental implant and was followed by chronicinfections, a sore mouth, plastic “flippers” that broke and left me lisping, made eatingdr liao oral appliance patient a chore, and had sharp edges causing irritations to my mouth and gums, I was in despair. I have had a complicated history of tooth disasters but, ironically, I had healthy gums. Now my mouth was hideous. The gum tissue looked rotten and purple and had shrunken away from infected areas. It had been impossible to get relief or to impress either my dentist or the ones who did the implants that something was very wrong. It was demoralizing. I went to other dentists, had more surgery, one implant was removed and I had bone and tissue grafts. They all failed. The latest plan was to do another implant. No way. This has been a long, long, painful and humiliating ordeal. I was weary with pain, anxiety and embarrassment. I avoided eating with other people. Eating is a big part of social life; it should be. What better way to share time with people you enjoy. I was becoming isolated. I kept refusing invitations and people stopped asking. I had no idea last week that you would actually do anything to my mouth that day. I thought we’d just go over some kind of plan. I cannot believe that I spent five hours in a dental chair, with nothing but your reassurance, endurance…and local anesthetic. My mouth felt and looked better than I could have believed. For many months my bathroom medicine cabinet door was left open so that I didn’t have to see my mouth reflected in the mirror. Now it is closed and I go in and smile just to see how much improved my teeth look. I keep saying to friends, “Guess what my teeth don’t hurt.” More importantly, you have restored my faith that there are medical and dental healers. I am very grateful; I wish I had found you sooner.”

-EB, Purcellville, VA

He listened…

“Dr. Liao has taken dentistry to a new level of service, compassion and chair-side manner. He listened, provided the most thorough dental exam I’ve ever had, and offered vital knowledge”
-Sandra S., Oakton, VA

Unable to stand for more than 20 minutes…

“After five years of unsuccessful treatment from five different doctors, my back pain was so bad that I could not stand for more than 20 minutes. Two months after getting my bite appliance, I was able to trek a glacier in Argentina for two weeks. Two years later, I am doing better than ever before.”

-KR, Bethesda

My adjustments weren’t holding…

“My chiropractor referred me to Dr. Liao because my adjustments weren’t holding. After starting my bite therapy, I feel stronger and have more energy, which is important to my job as an air traffic controller.”

-BC, Warrenton

I had significant periodontal disease…

“Throughout my life I have been blessed with strong and healthy teeth but when I had a dental appointment with Dr. Felix Liao he determined that I had significant periodontal disease. He found that there were many periodontal pockets around my teeth as deep as 4millimeters and that there was bleeding from many of these pockets. As a physician who practices holistically, I am well aware of the medical significance of periodontal bleeding. Dr. Liao recommended the Perio Protect system to help promote healing of the periodontal infection and inflammation. I started using the Perio Protect appliance on July 31, 2008, and found that it was easy to use. When I returned for a follow up only two weeks later Dr. Liao determined that the pockets and bleeding were minimal and that my teeth were whiter. I am very pleased with the results and recommend Perio Protect to anyone who is serious about keeping their teeth and gums in the best possible condition.”

-Fred Bloem, MD
Olney, Maryland

“…an overall wonderful testament to excellent care of the body, mind and spirit.”

My experience with Dr. Liao and his team was an overall wonderful testament to excellent care of the body, mind and spirit. He educated me as to what was going to occur and why, he listened to my fears (which were many!) and alleviated them with grace and care. His team worked with him effortlessly as my amalgams were removed. They followed the strict protocol to a tee to keep me safe and keep my body well protected. I was also given doses of charcoal and chlorella pre- removal with a post removal special rinse to maintain my safety. The following day I received an email from Dr. Liao (his internet house call) making sure my bite was in alignment and that I was feeling fine.

A more caring and professional doctor I could not ask for. He also made me realize that the new technology, new times and being in new hands are the determining factors for a fearful state to be transformed into a good experience. I will continue my care with Dr. Liao and his team with a fearless disposition: knowing the right hands working with my care are… HIS!
– K.E.A.
Alexandria, Va.

“…a convincing and awakening realization that a downward spiral starts with the mouth.”

Dr. Liao brought us dental visuals and facts of recent years’ medical research on causes of these major diseases –a convincing and awakening realization that a downward spiral starts with the mouth. Important not only for parents of growing children but for adults as well. We are very fortunate he practices in our area!
-Nan, Vienna, VA

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